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We represent ages 0-100: women, men, and children for fashion print, commercial print, runway and radio/VO, TV, Industrials/Corporate Training Videos and Major Motion Pictures/film.

9437 S. Union Square (650 East) Sandy, Utah 84070​

Stars Talent Studio is a full service talent agency in Sandy, Utah that represents kids, teens, and adults of all ages. You will see our talent in local to international print work, Billboards, TV commercials, major motion pictures, featured films, Corporate Training Video, Teleprompter work, spokesperson roles, promotional jobs, voice over, fashion shows, and live events.

We do not accept walk-ins during the week (by appointment only). We must meet everyone in person to properly critique and evaluate talent levels. We only represent professional actors and models with coaching, industry experience or both, or new talent willing to develop. We do represent babies.

We set aside time to meet with aspiring models and actors (and their parents) seeking representation and/or learning more about our agency. If you are under 18, we ask that if possible bring both parents since at this time, you will have a chance to audition for the agency, ask questions, tour our studio and meet our staff. Please bring one flash drive will all possible photos, videos, links, demo reels, music videos, etc. non-returnable or to download. The photos do not need to be a professional yet to meet with us. Please bring all your professional photos if you have them!

If we have an interest in representing you, professional photographs will be a necessity later down the road. There is no need to be early and please don’t be late. Because we are working on other projects during the week, we cannot accommodate early arrivals. We will audition you for the agency and/or for modeling agencies worldwide if desired. We audition singers and dancers and ask them to bring a demo reel of their work if possible. Please let us know your interests when you begin your audition.

For the women’s division, you must be a minimum height of 5′ 7″ and no taller than 6′ 0″ (in bare feet). We will see girls at 5’6″ between the ages of 13-16. In addition, we are looking for female talent between the sizes of 0 – 4, 10 and 14-18. Beginning models are usually between the ages of 13+.

For the men’s division, your height must be between 5′ 11″ and 6′ 3″ (in bare feet) and suit size 38-42.

Yes. We represent petite models 5’2-5’6 and plus size women who are 5′ 7″ – 5′ 11″, sizes 14-18. Also we are looking for big and tall men who are 6′ 4″ – 6′ 6″, sizes 48L – 50L.

Dress in neat, casual, age-appropriate clothes- nothing dressy or formal. Fitness models, wear something so we can see your stomach & the type of shape you are in (Females: wear a sports bra and workout bottoms). If you wear makeup, keep it minimal. We like to see your hair natural, too. If it’s curly, wear it curly. If it’s straight, wear it straight. This will give us our best idea of what you really look like.

    1. Flash drive with all photos, videos, links, demo reels, MP3, MP4, resume, etc. if you have had past experience.
    2. All talent under 18, we recommend bring both parents/Guardian’s if possible. If you are under the age of 18 will be allowed to audition without a parent. Our Kids Division is one of the strongest in the entire Intermountain West due to parent participation (ie. Mommangers). If you get signed, this is a very big deal and both parents if possible should be there.

Stars Talent Studio is a positive and encouraging environment, yet can be full of action & excitement! Our agency is asked to submit all our actors for a major motion picture film in under 24 hours which can mean 300 talent have an audition the next day! As exciting as it can be, our goal is offer a warm welcome and our team is very friendly! You might be shock how straight up we might talk while we set goals, make a proper game plan to get you the most bookings possible, and strategized with you.  We will offer honest feedback and we will also make suggestions of how to better yourself for the industry.  Runway models will be asked to walk runway.  Print models will be ask to show 60 poses in 60 minutes. Actors will be given a script upon arrival.  Actors do not need to prepare a monologue. Singers will be asked to sing 16 bars a capella.  Singers should be prepared with a song.  Dancers, Stars will review video tapes, You Tube links, etc to consider you for our Dance Division. Dance Video’s with sexually explicit dancing is not allowed/or marketed at Stars.

No, there is no upfront fee to be with the agency.  Stars Talent Studio takes a commission for any work that we secure for you. We make money…when you make money. Our agency charges the standard 15%  agency fees on the bookings we get you. For example: When a model is booked for a catalog that pays $1000.00, the model will make $850 and the agency will make $150 out of the model’s $1000. Stars does highly recommend paying a website/comp card fee which is $99 annually so your Agent has a link to market you and get you bookings. This goes to a website programmer, not the agency. Every time you book, you will want to get the link or images from the client so the program can keep updating your website page throughout the year.

Stars market’s their talent 3 different ways: 

    1. Personal website page attached to their website (Over 1, 000 clients view this regularly)
    2. Podio app (Agent submissions)
    3. Casting Networks (worldwide exposure)

Stars submits your link off the website to market you to clients. Your Agent takes that link and submits you for castings where she can now showcase your best photos, comp card, resume, IMDB or Instragam link, and Demo Reels. Other times clients will ask your Agent for recommendations of talent who fit very specific requirements like “We want to book someone who knows how to ski or speaks Spanish that is this exact age.” That is why your Agent pays for you to have a special app called Podio; which acts as Master cloud with all your marketing photos and videos, list of sports and abilities, contact info for billing, etc. We offer a free Podio CRM service to all those we represent so they can privately access their online file with us. You can download the app after signing your contract.

The owner of Stars Talent Studio, Amber Evans, started representing talent back in 1994. She has been doing this for over 25 years and has an excellent reputation.  We will be happy to furnish you with a list of clients with whom we have an on-going working relationship. After putting our talent in thousands of films, TV series, print campaigns, live events, etc. we have earned the title as Utah’s favorite talent agency.

No, not everyone needs classes, but many people do.  There are people who have zero experience and they need grooming and coaching.  If a model/actor is inexperienced, yes, they will need some coaching. However, we’ve had models and actors walk through our doors that already have major market experience, with their professional photos and resume, and we have signed them to the agency and started getting them booked right away.  

We encourage anyone who is brand new to be honest with yourself.  If you were put on a set, in front of a camera and the director told you to move and create art, would you know what to do? Would it look professional?  Or for actors, can you deliver the same line 50 times, but totally different in execution?  These are all things models and actors should know. The bottom line is this: Classes are not mandatory, but we cannot submit talent for jobs unless they truly know what they are doing.  

When you go on an audition through your agency, you represent that agent. If you or your child show up to a job and don’t know what to do, then you have potentially jeopardized your agency’s reputation and relationship with clients. Agencies cannot allow this to happen.  If a client is offering modeling or acting fees in exchange for professional services, you have to be able to deliver.  At Stars there are 20 main types of castings. We will be able to define which types can be lucrative for both of us.  We offer honest feedback to you, tell you where you are, and what you need to do to improve. The agency can recommend acting or modeling coaches, pageant training, Makeover help, etc. Click here to learn about Utah’s Film & Model Academy:  LINK TO BE ADDED

Stars was voted Utah’s favorite talent agency due to the casting opportunities it provides on a local, regional, and national level. Stars refers new up & coming models to modeling agencies worldwide!  Stars books jobs for kids, teens, and adults in the areas of print, television and film on a regular basis. If talent are not ready to be booked, we can provide a list of workshops & coaches. There are basic to advanced courses in modeling, acting, singing, voice over work, teleprompter, 5 types of commercials, and personal development. We want our talent to do well in castings and auditions, so we are grateful for the countless coaches we work with! Talent who train there become more competitive & BOOK JOBS! The greatest athletes in the world are practicing and training every day. Academy Award winning actors have been training and coaching and fine-tuning their skills for years. You don’t “arrive” at your greatest skill level overnight, you develop it by reaching your 10,000 hours in working in your craft gaining expertise!

Stars represents over 170 of the world’s most successful international models and top SAG actors based in other market like LA, New York, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Vegas, Chicago, Florida, etc. If you are an adult or teen just getting started in acting it is advantageous if you live in the Utah market, but not completely necessary.  If you are not within driving distance of the Salt Lake City area, you may miss certain auditions, due to our clients only giving us one day to get you in our market.  We do have housing for signed talent who get booked on local jobs.

To prepare for auditions, please refer to our Audition Guide.

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