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Stars Vocal Studio

8 Week Program

"Intermediate Singing Classes"


Week 1:
Intro and Vocal Evaluation

Learn exercises to develop your vocal muscles, anatomy of the larynx, and vocal registers. Find your own authentic sound and genre(s)! Learn about posture and healthy singing habits. Come prepared with some song ideas to ROCK your solo performance!

Week 2:
Vocal Techniques

Find out what your lungs can really do! Now learn how to use your diaphram like never before! RELAX… to reduce tension and straining. Learn vocal fry and how to PROJECT. Finalize song choices for solos and an awesome group performance.

Week 3:
Group Singing & Harmonization

Work on the group number and lean parts and harmonies! You will receive an MP3 of the group song, so you can practice at home. You’ll also get a minus track of your solo song to work on outside of class. Learn how to sing more naturally and blend with other great singers!

Week 4:
Solo Workshops

Conquer FEAR! Perform your solos for the group! Get a critique and tips from your instructor, as well as some positive feedback from your peers. Learn to engage your audience with dynamics and emotion. Make your voice stand out with enunciation and emphasis!

Week 5:

We will work on the group song so that it looks amazing!Learn stage presence so you can shine for your solos. Work on confidence, overcoming stage fright, and how to eliminate distractions. Learn mental preparation, and how to avoid self‑limiting behaviors.

Week 6:
Performance Skills

Learn STYLE techniques, riffs and runs, and other small details that make a huge difference in your entertaining abilities. We will use the sound system and learn mic technique and ho to perform as a team. Practice how to plan and handle mistakes. We will also polish up the group song so it’s ready and sounding incredible!

Week 7:

This dress rehearsal will be the final practice before the live performance or recording! Come dressed for your genre with hair and makeup done. Get your nerves out, so that you can look like a pro next week.

Week 8:
Live Performance and Video

You will perform your solos and the group song for a live audience, or be filmed for your music video that will go on the Stars Music Studio YouTube channel, and/or your own channel. This is your chance to put together everything you know!

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8-week course:
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8-week course:
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