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New Bookings!!!

January 10, 2020

17 Stars talent booked for a SAG Superbowl Commercial!

    • Brad Garfield
    • Jacob Narayan
    • Chris Brooks
    • Cavin Mohrhordt
    • Jacob Young
    • Luiz Laffey
    • Nathan Nonhof
    • Rich Chavez
    • Chad Wright
    • Tyrone Thomas
    • Jared Hardman
    • Mike Law
    • Damon Christensen
    • Cat Hammons
    • Jordan Sessions
    • Emelina Adams
    • Angie Layton

Bec Doyle got booked for two commercials!

Star’s Bec Doyle was recently booked on a new line from Blender Bottle called “Owala” as well as the “Just Fab” Shoes Commercial!

Ashli Auguillard and Extras booked!

Ashli Auguillard (Lead) as well as over 100 Stars Talent Studio Extras were booked on the new Credit Repair TV Commercial!

Jacob Young booked as Spokesperson!

Jacob Young got booked as the new campaign spokesperson for DISCO SKINCARE


Watch here

3 of Stars Talent Studio's top models booked!!!

3 Stars Talent Studio Models were booked on a AKWA SKINCARE Commercial!
These include:
    • Misa Chen
    • Julia Meireles
    • Solveig Cirone

Watch here

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